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blind test du 3 Juillet à l'Ouest after

Bon dernier blind-test malgré le faible nombre de participants, qu'importe on a eu la qualité

J'ai commencé par la rapidité artistes pour changer.


Rapidité où seul l'artiste est demandé 

01 Earth Wind & Fire-Let's Groove.

02 Bernard Lavilliers-On The Road Again

03 Matt Bianco-Whose Side Are You On?

04 Manu DiBango-Soul Makossa

05 Nina Simone-I Put A Spell On You.

06 Bobby McFerrin-Don't worry, be happy

07 The Stranglers-The Raven

08 The Strokes-The Modern Age

09 I Got Mine (Black Keys)

10 Abba-Lay All Your Love On Me

11 Conne (Brigitte Fontaine)

12 Dire Straits-Six Blade Knife

13 Iron Maiden-Flash of the Blade

14 The Temptations-Papa was a rollin' stone

15 Air-Kelly Watch The Stars

16 The Kinks-Lola

17 The Clash-Rudie Can't Fail

18 In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Iron Butterfly)

19 Black Sabbath-Looking For Today

20 Joan Jett -Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)

21 David Bowie-The Jean Genie

22 Rose Tattoo-Astra Wally

23 Renaud-Etudiant Poil Aux Dents

24 Three mile pilot-Planets

25 Marilyn Monroe-I'm Gonna File My Claim.

26 The Andrews Sisters-Hit The Road

27 Mike Brant-Mr Schubert I Love You

28 The Animals-It's My Life

29 Tom Jones-She Is A Lady

30 Beat Crazy (Joe Jackson)

31 Labelle-Lady Marmelade

32 Count Basie-Flight Of The Foo Birds

33 Akcent-Kylie

34 Bo Diddley-Bo Diddley

35 Cactus-One Way Or Another

36 Frank Alamo-Je Me Bats Pour Gagner

37 Blue Öyster Cult-Career Of Evil.

38 Nino Ferrer-Les Cornichons

39 L7-Pretend We're Dead

40 Smashing Pumpkins-Geek U.S.A.

41 Patti Smith-Rock n Roll Nigger

42 America-A Horse With No Name

43 The Beach Boys-You Still Believe In Me

44 Creedence clearwater revival-Born to move

45 Emerson, Lake & Palmer-A Time And A Place

46 Genesis-Abacab

47 France Gall-Sacre Charlemagne

48 Sepultura-Bestial Devastation

49 Beethoven-Symphony 9 2ème mouvement

50 Pixies-Broken Face




Séries écrites

Theme 1 vélo

00 The bicycles "Paris Be Mine"

01 A Bicyclette (Yves Montand)

02 Pink Floyd-Bike

03 Ludwig Von 88-Louison Bobert For Ever

04 Queen-Bicycle Race

05 Tour De France (Kraftwerk)

06 (Zazie Fait De La) Bicyclette (Plastiscines)

07 Jalabert (Wampas)

08 Nine Million Bicycles (Katie Melua)

09 Hulot A Vélo, Guepe, Poteau (Jean Yatove) (BO Jour de fête)

10 A Bicyclette (Bourvil)


Raffarins forever 20 Max renn 18,5



Theme 02 bruit de moteur ou circulation

00 Art Of Noise-Close (To The Edit)

01 Brigitte Bardot-Harley Davidson

02 Scorpions - Steamrock Fever

03 The Beatles-Back in the U.S.S.R

04 Living for the City (Stevie Wonder)

05 Daft Punk-Da Funk

06 Pink Floyd- Run Like Hell

07 Meat Loaf-Bat Out Of Hell

08 Motörhead-Motorhead

09 Deep Purple-Hey Joe

10 Le Silence (Telephone)

11 Yves Simon-J'ai Révé New York

12 Madness-Night Boat To Cairo

13 Pert shop boys-West End Girls


Raffarins forever 21,5, Max Renn 16,5



Thème 03 Iles

00 King Crimson-Islands

01 Belle-Ile-En-Mer, Marie Galante (Laurent Voulzy)

02 Rock Island Line (Mano Negra)

03 Weezer - Island in the Sun.

04 Robinson Crusoe (Art of noise)

05 Cantaloupe Island (Herbie Hancock)

06 Zanzibar (Billy Joel)

07 Aux Iles Hawaï (Joséphine Baker)

08 Les Marquises (Jacques Brel)

09 New Musik - On Islands

10 Ile De Fievre (Shylock)


Raffarins forever 16,5 Max renn 10





Thème 4 Live

00 Camille-Janine I.

01 We Will Rock You (Queen live)

02 Jacques Brel -Amsterdam

03 Jimi Hendrix Experience-Manic Depression

04 Ramones-I Wanna Be Well

05 Led Zeppelin-Dazed and Confused

06 Santana-Black magic woman

07 Slayer- South Of Heaven

08 Peter Frampton-Show Me The Way

09 Let There Be Rock (AC/DC)

10 Motörhead-Bomber

11 Pat Benatar-Hell is for children.

12 Kraftwerk-The Robots


Raffarins forever 19 max renn 16



Rapidité cinéma

01 La boum:  Reality (Richard Sanderson

02 Koyaanisqatsi (Philip Glass)

03 Furyo-Goodnight mister Lawrence (Ryuichi Sakamoto)

04 sexe intentions/Cruel intentions (The Verve-Bitter Sweet Symphony)

05 Magigien d'Oz/Wizard of oz (Over The Rainbow (Judy Garland))

06 Sacco et Vanzetti (La Ballata Di Sacco E Vanzetti-Joan Baez)

07 Albator

08 Captaine Flam

09 Easy rider (The Holy Modal Rounders-If You Want To Be A Bird)

10 Cabaret (Two Ladies (Joel Grey)

11 Wild At Heart- Sailor et Lula ( Wicked Game-Chris Isaak)

12 The Saint.

13 l'Auberge Rouge

14 Pretty Woman ( Roy Orbison-Oh, Pretty Woman)

15 Lost highway (David Bowie-I'm Deranged)

16 The Untouchables (Les Incorruptibles)

17 Titanic (My Heart Will Go On (Céline Dion))

18 Blues Brothers 2000 ()Erykah Badu-Funky Nassau

19 West Side Story (A Boy Like That - I Have A Love)

20 Psychose (The Murder (Bernard Hermann))

21 Tina Turner-Goldeneye

22 Téléfunken (Pop Concerto Orchestra-Eden Is A Magic World)

23 la jeune fille et la mort/Death and the maiden (Schubert)

24 Chapi Chapo

25 Mission Cleopatre (Jamel Debbouze and Snoop Dogg)

26 Daria (Splendora-You're Standing On My Neck)

27 Pulp fiction (Ricky Nelson-Lonesome Town)

28 Rataouille Le Festin (Camille)

29 Boccace 70/Boccacio '70 ( (Episodio_ Le Tentazioni Del Dottor Antonio) (Nino Rota))

30 Grease (Frankie Valli)



Rapidité Raffarins forever 36, Max Renn 22  Bigoudi 6 Tout seul 4 Hisse ton boule 2

Seuls les Raffarins forever (Taupes dorées + Fabrice) et Max renn m'ont rendu les feuilles donc Raffarins forever 112  et max Renn 88 points


Mention au jeune anglais de Max Renn qui m'aurait grillé pas mal de trucs en classic rock

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